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If you have blocks of text that you need typed out frequently in your documents, you can use AutoText in Word to insert them by typing a short code instead. The following articles discuss utilizing AutoText in Word, storing entries efficiently, and more. Once you understand AutoText, inserting blocks of text into your document will be a snap.

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   Adding an AutoText Entry
Creating custom AutoText entries is not only extremely helpful, but very easy. This tip explains how.

   AutoText Behaving Erratically
The AutoText feature of Word is a great tool for adding common text or phrases with a minimum of fuss. What do you do if the AutoText entries don’t behave as you expect them to behave? This tip describes a few things you can check to solve any erratic behavior you may notice.

   AutoText Entries Don’t Stick
AutoText can be a great tool, but it is of little worth if you can’t get Word to remember the AutoText entries you create. This tip examines some of the things you can check out if your AutoText entries disappear each time you restart the program.

   AutoText Limits
Are there limits to AutoText entries in Word? If you are having problems saving entries, it may not be due to limits imposed by Word.

   AutoText Unavailable in Headers and Footers
When you are creating headers and footers for your document, you might want to use some of your AutoText entries. What if those entries aren’t available to you, however?

   Backing Up Your AutoText Entries
Got a bunch of AutoText entries defined for your system? You’ll undoubtedly want to back them up at some time. Here’s how to do it.

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