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Jamie Lee Curtis - Bio, Age, Family, Favourite and more

Actress, Author, Activist

profileceleb Jamie Lee Curtis


Jamie Lee Curtis


The Queen of Screams, The Body

Date of Birth

November 22, 1958




65 years 7 days

Born Place

Santa Monica, United States

Jamie Lee Curtis, also known as Jamie Lee Curtis, is an American Actress, Author, Activist born on 22 November 1958, in Santa Monica, United States. Her famous nickname is The Queen of Screams, The Body. She is currently 64 years old.

Jamie Lee Curtis's Body

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Hair color: Salt-and-Pepper

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5.58ft - 170cm

Weight: 136.69lbs - 62kg

The Body Mass Index (BMI) of Jamie Lee Curtis is 21.45 - Normal weight (estimated)

Jamie Lee Curtis's Movies

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Character: Wanda Gershwitz

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  • Name: Anthony “Tony” Curtis (aka Bernard Schwartz) (Actor) (d. 2010)
    Relative: Father
  • Name: Janet Leigh (Actress, Singer, Dancer, Author) (d. 2004)
    Relative: Mother
  • Name: Kelly Curtis (Older Sister) (Actress)
    Relative: Siblings
  • Name: Nicholas Curtis (Younger Half-Brother) (Actor) (d. 1994), Ben Curtis (Younger Half-Brother), Leslie Allen (Ex-Step-Mother) (Actress), Alexandra Curtis (Younger Half-Sister) (Actress), Allegra Curtis (Younger Half-Sister) (Actress, Businesswoman), Christine Kaufmann (Ex-Step-Mother) (Actress, Author, Businesswoman) (d. 2017), Andrea Savio (Ex-Step-Mother) (Actress), Lisa Deutsch (Ex-Step-Mother), Jill Vandenberg (Step-Mother), Robert Brandt (Step-Father), Helen Schwartz (née Klein) (Paternal Grandmother), Emanuel “Manuel” Schwartz (Paternal Grandfather), Julius Schwartz (Paternal Uncle) (d. 1938), Robert Schwartz (Paternal Uncle), Helen Lita Westergard (Maternal Grandmother) (Maid), Frederick Robert Morrison (Maternal Grandfather), Peter Haden-Guest (Father-in-Law) (Diplomat) (d. 1996), Jean Pauline Hindes (Mother-in-Law), Raphael Curtis (Half-Nephew), Scott Morfee (Brother-in-Law) (Theatrical Producer), Anthony Haden-Guest (Brother-in-Law) (Writer, Reporter, Cartoonist, Art Critic, Poet), Elissa Guest (Sister-in-Law) (Screenwriter), Nicholas Guest (Brother-in-Law) (Actor), Stephen Haden-Guest (Uncle-in-Law) (d. 1974), David Guest (Uncle-in-Law) (Mathematician) (d. 1938), Angela Guest (Aunt-in-Law), Richard Guest (Uncle-in-Law), Pamela Guest (Sister-in-Law) (Actress)
    Relative: Others


  • Westlake School
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