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Julie Plec - Bio, Age, Family, Favourite and more

Producer, Screenwriter, Director

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Julie Plec



Date of Birth

May 26, 1972




51 years 11 days

Born Place

Park Forest, United States

An American Producer, Screenwriter, Director, Julie Plec was born in Park Forest, United States, on 26 May 1972, and is now in her 50s. Her birth name is Julie Plec.

Julie Plec's Body

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Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 5.25ft - 160cm

Weight: 176.37lbs - 80kg

The Body Mass Index (BMI) of Julie Plec is 31.25 - Obesity (estimated)


  • Woman Television Producer: Shonda Rhimes who has been her inspiration, with Julie having been blown away by Shonda's flawlessly cast shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal that have the most magnificent storytelling, cinematography, music and production value, so much so that one of Julie's goals has ended up being to get Rhimes follow her on Twitter
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