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Kathy Ireland - Bio, Age, Family, Favourite and more

Model, Actress, Voice Actress, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Author, Dancer, Public Speaker, Philanthropist

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Kathleen Marie Ireland



Date of Birth

March 20, 1963




60 years 10 days

Born Place

Glendale, Los Angeles County, United States

Kathleen Marie Ireland (Kathy - born 20 March 1963), known professionally as Kathy Ireland, is an American Model, Actress, Voice Actress, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Author, Dancer, Public Speaker, Philanthropist.

Kathy Ireland's Body

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Hair color: Strawberry Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5.84ft - 178cm

Weight: 132.28lbs - 60kg

The Body Mass Index (BMI) of Kathy Ireland is 18.94 - Normal weight (estimated)


  • Name: John Ireland
    Relative: Father
  • Name: Barbara (Niemann) Ireland
    Relative: Mother
  • Name: Mary Ireland (Older Sister) (Actress), Cynthia Ireland (Younger Sister) (Actress)
    Relative: Siblings
  • Name: Isaac Ireland (Paternal Grandfather), Mary Arnold (Paternal Grandmother), August Henry Niemann (Maternal Grandfather), August Henry Niemann (Maternal Great Grandfather), Hermann Heinrich August Niemann (Maternal Great Great Grandfather), Anna Katharina Neuner (Maternal Great Great Grandmother), Minerva Eleanor Stephans (Maternal Great Grandmother), Bascom Asbury Stephens (Maternal Great Great Grandfather), Minerva Mary Overshiner (Maternal Great Great Grandmother), Gladys Camilla Larsen (Maternal Grandmother), Gottlieb August Larsen (Maternal Great Grandfather), Johan Larsen (Maternal Great Great Grandfather), Sophie Hild (Maternal Great Grandmother), Petra C. Pedersen /Petersen (Maternal Great Grandmother), Peder Pedersen (Maternal Great Great Grandfather), Anne Torstensen (Maternal Great Great Grandmother), Bethany Ireland Olsen (Daughter-In-Law)
    Relative: Others


  • Shopping Neighborhood: The Field Museum
  • Food: Chocolate-chip cookies made by her mother
  • Things: Nature and the beach
  • Activities: Hiking and surfing
  • Types Of Clothes: Her sportswear, bodywear, and swimwear collection
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