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Mario Andretti - Bio, Age, Family, Favourite and more

Professional Racing Driver (Retired)

profileceleb Mario Andretti


Mario Gabriele Andretti



Date of Birth

February 28, 1940




83 years 100 days

Born Place

Motovun, Croatia

A 82 years old American Professional Racing Driver (Retired), Mario Andretti was born in Motovun, Croatia, on 28 February 1940. His birth name is Mario Gabriele Andretti.

Mario Andretti's Body

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Hair color: Gray

Eye color: Dark Brown

Height: 5.58ft - 170cm

Weight: 165.35lbs - 75kg

The Body Mass Index (BMI) of Mario Andretti is 25.95 - Overweight (estimated)


  • Name: Alvise Luigi “Gigi” Andretti (Farm Administrator)
    Relative: Father
  • Name: Rina Andretti
    Relative: Mother
  • Name: Aldo Andretti (Twin Brother), Anna Maria (Older Sister)
    Relative: Siblings
  • Name: Marco Andretti (Paternal Grandson) (Professional Racing Driver), Marissa Andretti (Paternal Granddaughter), Lucca Andretti (Paternal Grandson), MaryJo Andretti-Dial (Niece), Mark Andretti (Nephew), Adam Andretti (Nephew) (Former Professional Racing Driver), John Andretti (Nephew) (Former Professional Racing Driver) (d. 2020), Nancy Andretti (Niece-in-Law), Jarett Andretti (Grand Nephew) (Professional Racing Driver), Sandra Spinozzi (Ex-Daughter-in-Law), Leslie Wood (Ex-Daughter-in-Law), Jodi Ann Paterson (Daughter-in-Law) (Model, Actress, Former Beauty Queen), Marta Krupa (Grand Daughter-in-Law) (Model, Actress), Miranda Andretti (Granddaughter), Isabella Andretti (Granddaughter), Mario Andretti (Paternal Grandson), Miati Andretti (Paternal Granddaughter), Andrea Andretti (Paternal Grandfather), Anna Ghersa (Paternal Grandmother)
    Relative: Others


  • Racing Idols: Alberto Ascari, Stirling Moss
  • Travel Destinations: Prague, Budapest, Russia, New Delhi, Mumbai
  • Movie: To Please a Lady (1950)
  • Musical Genre: Opera
  • Musical Instrument: Saxophone
  • Dessert: Dark Chocolate Gelato
  • Meal: Grilled Veal Chops
  • Pet: Dogs, Parrots, Pigs
  • Dancer: Derek Hough
  • Artist: Elie Hazak
  • Racing Circuits: Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo, Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in South Africa, Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana, Road America in Wisconsin
  • Sculpture: La Pieta by Michelangelo
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